Wednesday 18 October 2017

Climate Action Day in School Friday 20th of October

This week is Climate Action Week in Burncourt National School.
As part of our application towards our Green Schools Energy Flag this year, we will be holding a Climate Action Day on Friday 20th of October. This action day is to raise awareness of what can be done to mitigate climate change.
Children will be learning all about Climate change and how we all are responsible for taking care of our planet.
We will plant a tree on the school grounds as part of our action day, as well as this we will be holding a power hour from 11 am to 12noon. There will be no electrical appliances used for this hour throughout the school.
Children will be encouraged to cycle, walk or car pool to school if possible.
Climate action week has been cut short this week because of Ophelia, but this also provides us with an ideal time to discuss why more events like Ophelia are happening across the world and its connection to Climate Change.

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