Friday 17 November 2017

Science Week

Today the whole school got together to celebrate Science Week!  Pupils from 5th and 6th class demonstrated some fun experiments for the pupils in 4th class and the pupils from the blue, yellow and purple classrooms.

In the yellow and purple classrooms, the 6th class demonstrated some chemistry with the 'rainbow milk' experiment.  Fats in milk are held together with chemical bonds.  When the food colouring was dropped on to the milk it sat on the surface. When the cotton bud soaked in washing up liquid was put into the milk it weakened and broke the chemical bonds which held the fats together.  This caused the fat molecules to turn and twist and move in the milk.  The food colouring showed this in action.

In the green classroom, the 5th class demonstrated that ice melts much quicker when salt is added to it.  This occurs as salt lowers the freezing point of water.  This experiment showed us why salt is spread on the roads during icy weather.  

A very interesting experiment took place in the blue classroom when groups from 5th and 6th demonstrated how strong egg shells actually are!  Their strength was demonstrated when 3 thick books were placed on them and the eggs held them up without cracking.  The pupils continued to see just how strong they were and it took 5 heavy books to crack the egg shells!  

Well done to all the pupils for taking part and thanks to the teachers for letting us come in to their classrooms to do the experiments.  

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