Wednesday 4 March 2020

Engineers Week Day 2 and 3 😊

Day 2 - Engineers Week

We watched a news clip of the recent flooding in Clonlara. We put our engineer thinking caps on and decided we would try make a flood defence system!! It was a great challenge. One group managed to keep the water out of their cube house for over one minute 👏

Day 3
For Day 3 we Skype called an engineer working with the ESB in Ardnacrusha. We asked him many questions such as.. What type of engineer is he? Does he like his job? What does he do on a day to day basis and what subjects were important in school to enable him to become an engineer.?
We are very lucky to be meeting another engineer during day 4 of engineers week and have many more questions for him!

We also completed STEM worksheets sent to us by Boston Scientific!

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