Monday 4 April 2022

ESB Science Blast in the Orange Classroom

 The 3rd and 4th Class in the Orange Classroom have been very busy over the last few weeks working on their Science project for the ESB Science Blast.  

After Christmas we chose our class question for the Science Blast, which was 'What Recipe Makes the Best Oobleck?'  Oobleck is a form of slime.  In Science it is known as a Non-Newtonian  fluid.  This means that it can change from a solid to a liquid depending on the type of force applied to it.  We had made Oobleck earlier in the year in Science using one particular recipe which we had to tweak to get the right consistency so we thought it would be fun to test out which was the best recipe.  

We used the iPads to find different recipes and instructional videos.  Then we tested out four recipes!  We had great fun and made a lot of mess!  In the end we decided that the recipe which did not give exact quantities, but gave us freedom to add as much cornflour or water as we needed was the best.  We also came to the conclusion that it was easier to follow a recipe that was demonstrated on a video also.  

We then began working on arranging and presenting this data into a project for the ESB Science Blast.  Today, we met our judge in a virtual meeting and presented the project to her.  She was very impressed at the investigation and work we had done, and because of this we won a trophy for our school and individual prizes and certificates each!   

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