Wednesday 25 January 2023

From the Earth

  1. We studied the poem 'From a Space Rocket' by Raymond Wilson. In groups we then composed a verse of a response poem titled ‘From the Earth’. Brainstorming ideas about what a space rocket might look like from Earth. .

From the Earth

By Adam, Darragh, Cian,  Jack, Conor, David, Ben, Fionn, Isabel, Emma & Aine

 It’s like a bullet in the sky,

Flying so fast in the sky,

The smoke passed as we all gasped,

Hooray we all cheered hoping to see it again!


Flying high in the sky, all the folk looking at the smoke.

Flying high in the sky, waving goodbye, standing here with no fear. That he will return one day

Off like a bullet, helmet covering his mullet


Standing here watching it go as it shoots into the starry sky,

Going up very fast into a land that is vast,

Going higher and higher getting smaller and smaller until it is just a tiny dot,


As fast as the wind, as loud a lion, soaring into the clouds as the crowds gather by.

As it says goodbye earth, see you next time. 

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