Tuesday 17 January 2023

Writing blogs as part of recount writing in the Green Classroom πŸ“πŸ’š. (PART 1)

2022 Football County Final


Hi my name is ______, welcome to my blog. 

I play for Brain Brous. I will be explaining what happens when you play in a county final.


Morning routine

I woke up early because I  knew I had a big day ahead of me .First, I got

my breakfast I had eggs and toast because that gave me lots of energy. Toast has carbohydrates and that gives you energy.  I didn’t 

do a lot of activity because I didn’t want to waste all of my energy . Then I  did

some practice outside . Then I had to go and get dressed I had to

wear jersey,shorts,football socks and football boots I also had to

bring football gloves and gum shields and I made sure to bring lots of

water it was a hot day. If you don't drink water you can become dehydrated. Preparation is important. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.


The drive to the match

My Mam brought me. My Dad was working. The match

was in Clogheen so it wasn’t a long drive it was only about 

10 minutes away from my house. I was starting to get a 

bit nervous. When I get nervous I try block it out by thinking about something else I have coming up that is fun.


When I arrived

When I got there I went straight over to my team and there was other matches on 

so we just sat down and watched them. After a while, we went over to the changing

room and put on a jersey. Then our trainers told us all our positions I was playing

in corner forward . I was happy because I normally play corner forward. Then we 

made sure we all had gum shields because you can’t play without gum shields .

After we had to go and do a warm up.


The warm up

It was time to do our warm up we did some stretching and jogging,

 Hand passing and kick passing . We did a 10 minute warm up

We had to make sure we were all ready because we didn’t want to get injured.We were all starting to get nervous because it was nearly

time to go and play the game. We were all ready to go and play. 


The game 

We were playing Cappawhite 

____ and _____ were joint  captains. We also had 5 subs for our team.

The first half we scored a good few goals and points. It was 20 minutes 

a-side I was taken off at half time to be a sub but I didn’t mind 

I was just happy I got to play.  Then the ref blew the final whistle and 

We won we all ran in to celebrate. We were all so happy ___ and ___ said a speech. We took loads of photos.


After the big match

After the match we went beeping in a big line it was really fun.

We went beeping in Burncourt, Ballylooby and Clogheen. After the 

that the trainers treated us to food in the market stone. The 

Food we really nice. Then we went home. I had a great day 

I was so happy we won.


 Christmas Day at my house     



Hi my name is ______. I’m _years old. This year for Christmas I asked for a Hobby Horse, Hobby Horse accessories, and a Hobby Horse Stables. WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!




Christmas Eve 



I was so excited I love Christmas it my favourite holiday. Christmas Eve we watched a movie called Noel.    

After it was like 9:00 we wanted to go to bed which was unusual because we usually want to stay up for longer but this was different because we knew if we were good, we would wake up to presents. First, we got the glass of milk ready and the biscuits   the we put them out over near the Christmas tree. We headed up the stairs to wash our teeth. I was over the moon; I could hardly sleep!


 Fun Fact:

Jingle Bells was the first song to be played in space.

Christmas morning 




I woke up around 6:30 but I stay in bed until 7:00 when 7:00 finally got here, I hop up out of my bed and went in to Mam and dad I called them and they went on my brother to wake him up but he was already wide awake. Our stockings are in the good sitting room so we went there first I got lots of little things in my stocking I was so happy. Then we went on to open up the present under the tree I am so grateful I got everything I asked for and more. After that I built my hobby horse stable with Dad. After a while I face timed my friend, she showed me everything she got and I showed her everything I got. I was going to facetime my other friends but my cousins arrived early.



Christmas dinner




We were hosting dinner at our house for mam side of the family. Dinner was for 2:00 but my cousins arrived at 1:30 so we went off and played while they were getting dinner ready then my Nana & Grandad and then my Aunty by the time everyone arrived the dinner was ready. There was a kid table and a grown-up table the dinner was lovely it was turkey, ham, stuffing, peas & carrots 


 Fun Fact:

The main Christmas dish during medieval times was peacock! 



The evening 



After dinner we went off and played went my cousins were going to leave, she asked for a sleep over and we got one I was so happy and grateful for all the gifts I got. I had such a good day πŸŽ„



Hi my name is _______  .I live in Tipperary Ireland and I am ___years old.


I love hurling, football and soccer and being active.

Welcome to my blog post based on Tayto park.


                   MORNING ROUTINE 


First,  we woke up at 7:00am and went straight into the kitchen and had eggs on toast after breakfast we brushed our teeth and got dressed. I wore a Manchester United jersey and a  Tipperary track suit. We were out the door at 8:30 with everything in the car some how it

was so tight in the back with all the bags so we hit the road.


                  IN THE CAR


It was a bit boring but I happy to sacrifice the boredom for TAYTO Park. I  nearly puked  from staring at my Tablet for too long. Finally we stopped for something to eat at 11:00am we got Burger King. I was so hungry. I got a burger, my sister got chicken nuggets and chips but she got a burger to somehow she didn’t like it any ways it was delicious but we had to go and hit the road again. About an hour later we were there at the hotel so we took everything out of the

Car and chilled for a bit.


                 ARRIVED AT TAYTO PARK


When we arrived we had to get parking we had to wait a bit so we just looked out the window

I saw people going down the cu chulainn screaming their heads off. It looked so big it was a

bit scary looking.  We went on everything, but sadly we had to go back to the hotel so we waved our goodbyes to Tayto Park .It took about a half an hour to get back to the hotel at 5:30 we arrived back to the hotel and had a delicious dinner. I had beef. At 10:30 we got ready for bed.

 Fun Fact:

CΓΊ chulainn is the biggest wooden rollercoaster in Europe.

               GOING HOME


On the way home we  did the same thing but we got Supermacs instead of Burger King. I had a chicken burger and chips. It was a super day out and I'd highly recommend a visit to Tayto Park.





                                 MY TRIP TO TENERIFE.




                                 Hi my name is ________ . I live in Tipperary and this is my               

                                                  blog  post about my trip to Tenerife.





On the 10th of March me and my family got up at 5:00am and left the house for Dublin airport it was about a 2 hour drive. Before we left we put all the bags in the car and got some breakfast then we left. We were now on the road and arrived at the airport at about 7:30am to meet our cousins who were coming with us. Now we were at security and put all our bags on the rack and went through security really fast with no delay. We were at the Coffee shop and got a drink and a slice of cake. At 10am we were on the plane and we were about to take off .





It took us about 3 hours to get to Spain but when we got there it was about 3:00

It was roasting there when we got of the plane . We went through security 

,that was fast as well . We went outside and waited for the taxi it was hard to get one because there was 7 of us but after a while we finally got one. The name of the hotel we were staying at was called Park Santiago 4 it was really nice. When we got there first we went inside to get our room keys but we had to wait an hour because of the cleaners so we left our bags at reception. We headed to get something to eat, luckily there was a restaurant across the road from the hotel so we went there I got a burger and my brother got pasta. After we went for a walk around the town and we saw a  merry-go-round Even though I was to big for it I still went on it. .After that we went to get our room and settle in.




Did you know airplanes can go as fast as 460-575 mph 




(The pool) 


After we got into our room we went to the pool to look about .So we got some drinks and me, my brother and our cousin got ice pops after we went into the pool it was not as cold as it is in Ireland so we got used to it very fast. A little latter we went to the water park and stayed in there for a while .Later we went back to the room.  




(That night) 


Later that night we went for dinner . We went to the same place we went to when we arrived I got a bowl of pasta and a red slushy .Then we went to see some music being played on the streets . 



 Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, has an area of 786 square miles.

                                  A day in a life with Phoebe 

Hello! My name is ____and my dogs name is Phoebe. She is a Dalmatian and she is 9 months old. Welcome to my blog!!


My morning routine with Phoebe 


 I wake up at about 7:30 to let Phoebe outside and feed her, then I get ready to bring her for a walk.



Fun fact

If you've seen “One Hundred and One Dalmatians,” you may remember that Pongo and Perdita's 15 puppies are all white when they're born. Like real Dalmatians, they only get their spots as they grow older.


Phoebe’s walk:


Then Mam and I get in the car to go to Glengarra. We bring her an hour and a half walk. After, we go back home at about 9:30 . I make my breakfast Phoebe is normally asleep at this time.

Fun fact

Dalmatian’s can run 37miles per hour


Playing with Phoebe:


After, I bring Phoebe outside to play with the football for about 20-30 minutes. Did you know Dalmatians need 2 hours exercise a day and that is just the minimum!


 Lunch time:

Her next feed is lunchtime. I have my lunch and I watch the tv with Phoebe for a while.

Now it is about 2:00. I bring her for another run down the fields she normally chases the birds. There is a river at the bottom of the field so she goes swimming she loves the water.



It is 4:00 o’clock and feed her, her last feed of the day then. I have my dinner and I watch tv for a while with all of the dogs then we all go to sleep.

                            2022 Camogie County Final


Hi my name is Sarah.  I’m 11 years old. I am writing this blog about the day I had a county final with my team Brian borus.





Morning Routine


I woke up at about 8:30 and got dressed into my sports clothes. Then I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. After that I went down stairs and had my breakfast, I had porridge. Porridge is full of carbohydrates and this gives you energy. Soon after that I got my Hurley and a ball and went outside to hit the ball of the wall. The match was at 13:00. Then I came inside filled up my water bottle and got my football boots.



Driving to the match


Then we got in the car and drove to the match it was on in Holycross GAA pitch. It took about 30-45 mins to get there. We were listening to songs in the car on the way. Listening to songs gets me pumped up for the game.  I was very excited but a little bit nerves for the match. Mam, Dad, and my sisters travelled with me . We were 10 mins away from the pitch so I got on my football boots. When we got to the pitch we got out of the car and my teammate was in the car park too so we walked in to the pitch together.



Warm up


As soon as we got into the pitch, we seen the rest of our team so we ran over and started warming up. The first drill that we did was striking a ball back and forth to each other. It is important to get the first touch in before the game. Soon after that we had about 10 mins left before the game

So, we practiced some frees and side lines then we were ready for the game.



The game


Siobh and Sophie were captains so they went in for the coin toss. We won the coin toss so we picked to play with the wind first. Then our trainer MC gave us our positions to start I was midfield. We were playing Moycarkey. The ref threw up the ball and my teammate caught it and headed towards the goal but the  Moycarkey goal keeper blocked it. Then we got a goal about 7 mins in. After that Moycarkey got a point and soon after another one so we knew we had to step up our game and that is what we did. We got a point and another goal. Then it was half time. We had a quick drink and an orange. Then we went back on to the pitch. It was mostly the same positions again. Then Moycarkey got a goal and we got 3 points. There was 5 mins left in the game at that point and we got one more goal. Then I was taken off to let one of my teammates on. Then the final whistle went and all the subs and trainers ran on to the pitch. WE HAD WON, WE WERE DELIGHTED!!!!!!!!!



After the game


When the match was over, we went over to the side of the pitch and we got the cup and the two captains said their speeches and we got to lift the cup. When we were lifting the cup the older u 12s were playing their county final and they won too. Soon after that we got in the cars and went around to all the villages and beeped our horns of the cars. Finally, we went into the Clogheen club house to have food and then we went to Butlers bar for a drink and then went home we had an amazing day!!!!!!!!!  Winning is the best feeling ever.


Hi my name is _________. I live in Tipperary on a dairy farm.



Morning Routine 


The first thing I do is wake up at 6.00am to feed the cattle and check if any cows had a calf. I check the water troughs. I was expecting the milk lorry to come at 8.00am so I was up early enough to get everything ready for the day but I was worried that I would be having breakfast when the lorry came like last time. Cow have to be milked everyday or they will get mastitis, it makes the udders hard and infected. 


By the time it was half 7 it was nearly time for breakfast so I was heading back home and as I was driving back all I was thinking about was the lorry being down at the farm.



 Apparently, the lorry was cancelled so I said I was going to feed the cows and when I was feeding them. When a cow is grazing and digesting its food people refer to it as ‘chewing the cud’. I saw a cow at the back lying down I cleared the cows out to check on her. When she wasn’t eating it could mean she was hurt or sick so it is very important to check.




I was checking if she had broken anything but she seemed ok to me but just in case I rang the vet to see if they would come to check if someone would come and see if she was ok.


Calves must have beastings (the cows first milk), as soon as they are born, this contains antibodies that stop them getting sick.



After milking in the evening, I go home to rest as it has been a long day on my feet and think about what I have to do for the next day. 

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