Wednesday 20 September 2023

It has been a very busy week so far in the yellow classroom , take a look and see what we are getting up to in school 💛

This week we were reading the story 'Cave Baby' . Cave baby created colourful art in the story so we worked in our groups and made our own colourful cave pictures . 

Each morning we take part in our fine motor stations . We love moving from station to station to the different activities . 

We learned the rhyme Jack and Jill and then had to sequence pictures and words in the correct order from left to right. 

In history and science we are exploring growing and changing . We sorted lots of clothes and shoes in the correct order from a baby to a grown up . We looked at pictures of ourselves as babies and talked about the similarities and differences as we have grown . 

Finally our art this week was based on Vincent van Gogh a famous artist. We had real sunflowers to look at when we were completing our work . They were so colourful and we loved painting our own sunflowers using materials like toilet roll tubes and cotton buds . 

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