Thursday 23 April 2015

Mystery skype

Check out the videos made by Mrs. O' Haras class!

A few weeks ago we held a mystery skype with Mrs. O' Haras 5th and 6th grade class in Bullington, Ontario Canada. Their school is near Toronto and Niagra falls!
We each got to ask each other 20 questions to find out where each others school was on the map, by mind mapping and using our laptops to help. We also sang our national anthems to each other the link below to look at their school blog that mentions our school! (and hello to everyone in Burlington reading this!)

Their school website: click here


  1. it was really fun skyping other schools N.C.

  2. Mystery Skype is really cool ad I would recommend it to other schools around the world we have Skyped around 6 or 7 schools so far !! we have even Skyped an author I hope we keep on doing Mystery Skype as it is lots of fun

  3. sorry that comment was by A.C.K


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