Friday 20 September 2019

Art inspired by our English topic this week - Irish folk tales. 🎨☘️

There was a farmer who found a leprechaun by a field. He catches the leprechaun and interrogates him. The leprechaun tells him the gold is buried under a plant in the field.
The farmer faces a conundrum.
He needs a shovel, but doesn’t know which plant to dig under. Leprechauns disappear quickly, so he can’t let go.
The leprechaun provides a solution. He points to a red ribbon. “If you give me that ribbon, I promise to tie it around the plant.”
A promise is a promise.
The farmer lets the leprechaun go, hands him the ribbon, and runs to grab a shovel.
Upon returning, he finds red ribbons tied to every plant in the field.
Tricky, tricky

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