Thursday 23 February 2023

Group talking task: I have a message 🗣

 In groups the children created a short funny and/or rhyming poem or verse of a poem to convey their message to others using humour, rhyme and rhythm. Groups recited their poems or verses aloud to the rest of the class, using pace and intonation to convey their message powerfully.

Rainforest, rainforest why are you sad?

Rainforest, rainforest don't go away!

Rainforest, rainforest we can save the day!


Don't be a bully!

It's not cool,

Be kind in school,

You fool!


If you litter you are bitter,

the world won't get any fitter

Do your best, it's not a test!

Be a good influence on the rest


Stop cutting down trees,

Save the monkeys,

Don't make them live on ground like the donkeys

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