Friday 24 October 2014

German soup tasting

Today we tasted German potato soup with wuerstchen!  Thank you to Mrs. Walsh for the recipe!


  1. Shannon loved the soup and would love the recipe

    1. This recipe was sent to us by Cosima Walsh!
      1 big onion
      25 g butter
      1 l vegetable broth
      700 - 1000 g vegetables washed and cut in small dices
      milled salt
      milled pepper
      "add ins" like frankfurter wuerstchen, croutons, shrimps etc

      heat butter and add finely chopped onion and stir until glassy? (see through)
      add chosen vegetables, reduce heat and steam for a couple of minutes (5?) with the lid on. stir once or twice
      add vegetable broth and cook until all vegetables are cooked (15-20 min )
      use blender to make smooth
      add salt, pepper and herbs as required

      For potato soup always use some other vegetables like a few carrots, cellery or now maybe pumpkin ,Otherwise the potato's will become glue when mixing with a blender.

      To make the soup a bit tastier:
      2-3 dessert spoons of creme fraiche

      in pumpkin soup I use a pinch of cinnamon
      without pumpkin freshly ground muscat nut?
      if it tastes still a bit boring I might add a teaspoon of mustard
      more pepper, more salt???
      another stock cube ?????
      freshly chopped parsley as decoration

      Celeriac and onions give a bit of a "spicy" taste
      Carrots and pumpkin make it a bit "sweeter"

      Frankfurte sausages (cut in chunks) can go in after blending.


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