Active School Flag

Active School Flag

Here at Burncourt NS we love to take part in anything active. We have two active flags and this year 2021/2022 we are aiming to receive our third active flag! Check out the information below to see what we have been up to..

Section 1 – Physical Education

·       We have a yearly planning grid which sets out a strand and fundamental movement skill for each school month.

·       The teachers pick an area of PE they wish to improve each year of renewal, this year the area we wish to improve is Gymnastics.

·       The teachers discussed how they could improve their teaching of gymnastics, together they created a gymnastic resource box. The box contains circuits, balances and rolls. There is something suitable for each class grouping!

·       A teacher will complete CPD in Physical Education and bring back the knowledge they have gained and share to the staff.

·       Swimming has been on hold due to Covid regulations however we hope to get it up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime, each class will engage in the land paws programme. 

·       We emphasise the 7 key messages of the Primary PE Curriculum enjoyment, play, maximum participation, skill development, balance between competitive and non-competitive games, balance of contact and non-contact activities, opportunities for all students to achieve, equal opportunities for boys and girls. 

·       We were very lucky this year to have some great coaches to come in and co-operate with our teachers for soccer, Zumba, GAA and FMS.


Section 2 – Physical Activity

      The sixth class are going to teach the younger classes the Haka as Gaeilge for Seachtain na Gaeilge. We incorporate physical activity in maths week too, the children love completing maths trails during this time. 

We are very lucky to have wonderful playground markings, we love playing with them at lunch time.

           On rainy days we keep active by using go noodle, cosmic kids yoga or by playing Deir Ó Gradaigh.

In conjunction with our green flag we had bike to school week. Along with this we encourage COW -Cycle on Wednesdays! Even the teachers got involved 👏

We are a healthy eating school and as a reward we give extra activity time instead of treats!
We enjoyed the 12 days of fitmas in the run up to Christmas.

     Our active walk way is also up and running, due to building works this year our walk way has had to change route. We are hoping when building works are complete we can extend our walkway!

Every year we partake in a 4km run, training is underway and all classes are busy preparing for the run!


Section 3 – Partnerships

·       Our active motto __________________was created by a pupil to encourage children in our school to be more active. You will see this motto in every classroom in our school.

·       Our rewards wall is on display in the school hall We love celebrating sporting achievements that children receive outside of school. 

·       Each family received notice about clubs and societies in our locality. 

·       Thanks to the Green schools committee for organising a talk for the whole school on cycle safety.

·       Thanks to the RSA, every class now has their very own set of vis-vests.

·       One of our teachers will take part in the Autism in sport training online  workshop in association with Tipperary sports partnership.

·       We are extremely lucky to have local sports club and parents support us throughout the year. Volunteers from Fr. Sheehy’s visit for GAA training. Burncourt Celtic also completed a block of soccer training. Kate Roche Fitness and Treasa McGrath from McGrath school of dance kindly visited us for our active week.


      Due to building works this year we have been lacking space for our play areas. Luckily, we have been successful in receiving sports capital funding for an astro turf field. This will be a fantastic amenity for the children. We can't wait until it is complete!

Section 4 – Active Week

·       Active week is our favourite time of year! Last year we had a fantastic time. Children wear their tracksuit every-day. We held a rounders tournament. We held a tug-o-war tournament. A long with have races each day. Children are encouraged to walk or cycle to school each day! We were lucky to have some fantastic visitors too! Kate Roche fitness completed fantastic circuits with us. Treasa McGrath taught us some Irish dancing, Conor Sweeney visited with the Munster cup. And so much more we really had the most fantastic week. On the final day we had our talent show and the school completed the 4k race! We cannot wait for this year’s active flag week which will take place in June! Click on the links below to check out the fun we had during last year’s active week!

Active week video

Active week video

Active week video

Active week video


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