Discover Primary Science and Maths award

This year Mrs. O' Gorman is working on our Discover Primary Science and Maths award application!


ESB Science Blast 2019!

Huge congratulations to our orange and green classrooms who showcased their projects at the ESB Science Fair in Mary Immaculate College last Thursday. Well done to all of the children and their teachers Ms. Keating and Ms. Murphy who put in a huge amount of work preparing for the Science Fair!

FRIDAY, 11 MAY 2018

Discover Primary Maths and Science Award of Excellence!

This morning we received the brilliant news that we have again been awarded the Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science and Maths Award of Excellence for the 2017/18 academic year!


RDS Primary Science Fair

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Mrs. O' Gorman's classroom are busy preparing for the RDS Primary Science Fair in Mary Immaculate College next Friday 19th January!


RDS Primary Science Fair!

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Mrs. O’Gorman’s 5th and 6th class are delighted to be exhibiting their project “Will robots be the future of farming?” @MICLimerick @TheRDS

Burncourt National School - Primary Science Fair exhibitors on Friday 19th January - Will robots be the future of milking? 


RDS Primary Science Fair

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th had a great day out at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick on Friday at the RDS Primary Science Fair.  You can see all of the interesting things we did over on our Twitter page -

Congratulations to 5th and 6th on their project 'Will Robots be the Future of Farming?'  Well done to the girls in 6th who came up with the project title and worked so hard on it over the last few months.  The project was very popular with both the public and the judges and we received great feedback.  We are looking forward to next year already!


RDS Primary Science Fair

5th and 6th Class are very busy at the moment working on their project for the Primary Science Fair, which will be exhibited in Mary Immaculate College, Limerick on January 19th.

A number of entries were submitted to the RDS by 5th and 6th, and Kaitlynn and Ellen's project title 'Will Robots be the Future of Farming?' was chosen to go through to the fair.

Over the last number of weeks we have obtained information from the companies which supply robot machines to farms in Ireland.  Kaitlynn and Ellen then compiled surveys which were given to fifty farmers to obtain data on experience and attitudes to robot involvement in farming.

The most exciting part of the project so far has been the two field trips we have taken to see robot milking machines in action.  Last week all of 5th and 6th class went to Moorepark to see one and we would like to thank them very much for this visit.

This Monday, we went to visit local farmers Claire and Seamus Kearney and saw another robot milking machine working.  We obtained so much information on this trip and as well as seeing the milking machine we saw the layout of the farm, the graze way gates, the information being gathered by the robot as the cow was being milked and how the computer compiles all of the information over a long period of time.  It was so interesting to see the overall picture of how a robot milking machine works on a farm. We would like to thank Claire and Seamus so much for giving us their time and giving us so much information for our project.

The hard work is really beginning now as we must go through all of the surveys to see the data results and compile all of the information gathered from research and field trips into a project for exhibition in January!  Of course our project must also answer the all-important question - will robots be the future of farming?


Science Week

Today the whole school got together to celebrate Science Week!  Pupils from 5th and 6th class demonstrated some fun experiments for the pupils in 4th class and the pupils from the blue, yellow and purple classrooms.

In the yellow and purple classrooms, the 6th class demonstrated some chemistry with the 'rainbow milk' experiment.  Fats in milk are held together with chemical bonds.  When the food colouring was dropped on to the milk it sat on the surface. When the cotton bud soaked in washing up liquid was put into the milk it weakened and broke the chemical bonds which held the fats together.  This caused the fat molecules to turn and twist and move in the milk.  The food colouring showed this in action.

In the green classroom, the 5th class demonstrated that ice melts much quicker when salt is added to it.  This occurs as salt lowers the freezing point of water.  This experiment showed us why salt is spread on the roads during icy weather.  

A very interesting experiment took place in the blue classroom when groups from 5th and 6th demonstrated how strong egg shells actually are!  Their strength was demonstrated when 3 thick books were placed on them and the eggs held them up without cracking.  The pupils continued to see just how strong they were and it took 5 heavy books to crack the egg shells!  

Well done to all the pupils for taking part and thanks to the teachers for letting us come in to their classrooms to do the experiments.  

Science week fun!


Discover Primary Science and Maths Excellence award

Congratulations to all of the students and staff who worked hard to achieve our second Discover Primary Science and Maths Excellence Award!


South East Science Fair

Daniel and Darragh enjoyed presenting their project again last Friday at the South East Science Fair which was held in the Woodlands hotel, Waterford!


RDS Primary Science Fair

Daniel and Darragh's project 'Fertiliser, Slurry or Nature - which is most effective', will be exhibited at the Primary Science Fair in Mary Immaculate College next Friday 20th January. The 4th-6th class grew grass seeds in the school garden: one bed was untouched, one contained fertiliser and one contained slurry. The boys also carried out the same experiment in Pine Nurseries.
The 4th-6th class are looking forward to displaying their results on Friday week!


BT Primary Science fair preparations

The senior room were busy this week preparing their experiment for the primary science fair.
We divided the grass into three patches: one patch with fertiliser, one with slurry and one with nothing added. We also did the same in the garden with composs and garden seeds. We are looking forward to finding out what happens!


BT Young Scientist Primary Science Fair

We were delighted to learn that our sixth class have been allocated an exhibition stand at the RDS Primary Science Fair Limerick on Friday January 20, 2017!

Their question is:  Fertiliser, slurry or nature - which is more effective?

Well done everyone!


BT Young Scientist Exhibition 2016

Well done to our group of 5th/6th class boys who qualified to exhibit their science experiment in the RDS Primary Science Fair which will take place on January 16th 2016.
The scientific question that they posed was 'How do you stop tears from forming when cutting onions?' Well done boys!

Find out more about the BT Young Scientist Exhibition by clicking here


4k run and Green flag and STEM Excellence award celebrations!

Image result for cartoon running

Our annual 4k run/walk will take place on Friday June 22nd at 12pm. Following the run we will be joined by Ms. Meaneys sister Evanne Ni Chuillin who will raise our second Green flag for Energy, and unveil our third excellence award for the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. All are welcome to attend!


Congratulations to past pupil James Conway!

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Many congratulations to CBS past pupil James Conway (LC 2017), awarded the @waterfordit President's Scholarship for the Dept. of Science and Computing. Fantastic achievement; well done James! @burncourtns


Science in the Green Room

Fifth and Sixth have been investigating their blind spot and their reaction time!

Discover Science and Maths Plaque of STEM Excellence award!

We received fantastic news this evening - following the hard work of all of our classrooms this year we have achieved a Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science and Maths Plaque of STEM Excellence for the 2015/16 academic year.
There are two types of awards given to schools: a certificate of STEM work in School, and a Plaque of STEM excellence for deeper engagement, whole school involvement and external science engagement.  
Our school was awarded this Plaque of Excellence to mark the hard work that all classes have undertaken this year in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). 
Discover Primary Science and Maths (DPSM) is the national programme, run by the Science Foundation Ireland, to foster interest in STEM amongst children in primary schools!
Our Plaque will arrive next week and we are looking forward to displaying it in our hallway!


Discover Primary Science and Maths - Guest speakers

As part of the application process for the Discover Primary Science and Maths Award the senior room interviewed our Chairperson, Mr. Leonard, about his job as an Engineer and how he uses science and maths in his job.
Tomorrow the Junior and the middle room will receive a visit from Mrs. Maher who will tell them all about how nurses use science and maths in their job.

To find out more about about the Discover Primary Science and Maths Award click here


Discover Science and Maths STEM Excellence Award 2016/2017

We were delighted to learn that our school has been awarded the Discover Science and Maths Excellence award again this year for the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in our school. 
Well done to all of the teachers and children. This is a fantastic achievement for our school and a credit to everyone for all of their hard work at whole school level promoting the teaching of maths and science in our school.
Our plaque will arrive next week and will be proudly displayed in our school hall beside last years plaque.

Click here to see the other schools who received this award.

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