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This year Ms. Walshe and the student council have worked to make Burncourt NS a health promoting school!

Raising our new health promotion flag!

Burncourt National school became the latest school in the country to be presented with the Healthy Ireland ‘Health Promoting Schools’ Flag’. 
 The Healthy Ireland Health Promoting Schools(HPS) Flag is presented by the HSE to schools as an acknowledgement of their work in improving the health of their school communities. The HPS supports schools to focus on health and wellbeing and involves all members of the school community. Students, staff, parents and guardians are consulted to identify priority health areas. Over a period of around 2 school years, schools develop an action plan to address the health areas identified. Schools are guided to address their priority area under the following evidence based categories: environment (social and physical) curriculum, policies and partnerships. Schools work at their own pace supported by the HSE Health Promotion & Improvement Dept. In each school, a HPS coordinator and HPS team lead out on the progression of health and wellbeing and this work is supported by the school principal, board of management and wider school community. European research has shown many benefits of the HPS - whole school approach to health. Chief among these benefits are increased self-esteem, safer and cleaner school environments, lowered incidences of bullying, a positive approach to health issues, increased parent involvement and better student/teacher relationships to name a few. 
Ms. Walshe and the Health promotion team worked hard to achieve the health promotion targets  and everyone was delighted to raise the flag this morning!


Burncourt NS is now a health promoting school!

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We are celebrating on the double today! 
We were delighted to learn that our school has become a health promoting school. Well done to our Health promotion team who have worked so hard to promote healthy eating, exercise and friendship within our school. We look forward to continuing this work over the next number of years!


Food Dudes

All classes are finished their food tasting now! Fruit and vegetable boxes are given to each pupil. Points can be earned for eating a portion of fruit and veg each day!


Food Dudes

As part of Burncourt NS becoming a health promoting school, we are taking part in the Food Dudes programme. It will run for sixteen days for the Junior and Middle room (beginning 24th November) and for eight days for the Senior room (beginning 6th December)
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What is the Food Dudes Programme?
Food Dudes is a programme developed by the University of Wales, Bangor, to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables both in school and at home. It is based on positive role models (the Food Dudes characters), repeated tasting and rewards. In large-scale studies in schools in England and Wales and pilot studies in schools in Ireland, the Programme has been shown to be effective and results long lasting across the primary age range, regardless of gender, school size, geographic and socio-economic factors.

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It is ultimately designed to enable children to enjoy eating healthy diets, and to create a healthy eating culture within schools. The programme in Ireland received a “counteracting obesity” award from the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2006. The programme is managed by Bord Bia and to date over 3,100 primary schools have participated in the National Roll Out which will be completed in 2014. Funding has been made available by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and the EU School Fruit Scheme for schools that previously ran Food Dudes to implement it for current students at junior level including specified tasting days for senior classes.

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