Green school flag

Ms. Meaney and the Green school committee are now working towards our third green flag for water!

Our new Green flag for Energy!

Well done to Ms.Meaney and the green schools committee- we are delighted to receive our second green flag today in Hotel Kilkenny. We look forward to raising it on June 22nd!
Many thanks to Mrs.Carroll for driving the girls to the presentation!

Green Flag Energy Motto

Well done to everyone who entered the competition to make a Green Flag Energy motto for our school!
Hanna was the winner, her Green code was 'When it's bright turn off the light!'

Climate Action Day !

Today was our Climate Action Day.
During 11am to 12 noon we had earth hour and switched off the electricity to conserve energy.

We also planted a tree in the school grounds and Kaitlynn informed us how beneficial it is for the environment when we plant trees.

Children also looked at a presentation and some informative videos which explain climate change in more detail.
Thanks to all teachers for your co-operation during Climate Action Week, thanks to parents for completing the ‘Green Home Survey' and also a big thank you to Mr. Conway who helped us plant the tree.
Ms. Meaney and the Green School committee will continue working hard towards our second Green flag for energy!
#GreenSchoolsire   #ClimateActionWeek #ClimateChange

(Below) Green Schools Committee 

Cash for clobber

Thank you to everyone who helped with our clothes collection! This collection will be used to fund Lego, duplo and large polydrons for our infant classroom!

Rotting experiment in the middle room!

4k and Green flag celebrations

FRIDAY, 20 MAY 2016

Our school garden

Cash for clobber collection - May 24th!

Thank you to everyone who has filled bags for the cash for clobber collection. The bags will be collected next Tuesday 24th May!

Green flag celebrations

Thank you to everyone who came out today to help us celebrate our Green flag!
Everyone had a great day which began with the bake sale, followed by our 4k run (and a visit from the ice cream van afterwards!) and then at 1.30pm Colin English raised our Green Flag and we cut our Green school cake!
Everyone had a great day, thanks again to everyone who came to support and to those that helped bake for our bake sale, it is greatly appreciated!

TUESDAY, 10 MAY 2016

Green school awards ceremony

Our three fifth and sixth class girls are ready to attend the awards ceremony in Hotel Kilkenny for our first green flag!

School garden

Our school garden is almost ready, thanks to Mrs Keane for helping us plant our new seeds!

Our first green flag!

We were delighted to receive a letter from An Taisce this morning to inform us that our school has been successful in our application for our first Green Flag for Litter and Waste! Burncourt NS is now a Green School!

Our Green Schools Committee have worked very hard throughout the past two years to reduce litter and waste in our school, and we were delighted to win first prize in the Tidy Schools Competition last summer. Our school is kept in excellent condition thanks to the work of our Green schools team!
They have implemented many strategies to reduce waste in our school, including a traffic light system of counting the amount of litter and waste found in the yard. Each week there is a different Green School team in charge of keeping our yard litter free. They also organised our Green School day of action which included a fashion show of recycled materials! 

On Tuesday May 10th three representatives from our Green School Committee will travel to Hotel Kilkenny to receive our Green Flag. On Friday 13th May we will host a ceremony at 1.30pm to raise our flag. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Well done everyone, a fantastic achievement by all!

Clothes/Laptop/Phone Collection

Our next collection of clothes/phones/laptops will take place on Friday 29th January.
Please keep phones and laptops seperate to clothes!

Clothes, phones and laptop collection - January 29th 2016



Thanks to Mr. Walsh who grew peas and cabbages in our school garden, lots of children received some today!


Cash for clobber


1st place - Tipperary County Council Tidy Schools Competition!

Well done to Aoibh who submitted this application on behalf of our school. We are delighted to be voted the tidiest school!

Well done to everyone who has worked so hard to keep our school clean as part of our efforts towards achieving our first Green flag for litter and waste!


New ipad

Thank you to everyone who supported our Cash for Clobber clothes collection. We were delighted to be able to purchase and Ipad mini and a shock proof case for the middle classroom! 

FRIDAY, 12 JUNE 2015

Cash for clobber

The last collection of clothes for this year will take place next Wednesday 17th June!


Our new green school motto!

Well done to Roisin who designed our new green school motto!


Litter and waste


School Garden

Have a look at our school garden! Thanks to Mr. Walsh for helping us to plant potatoes, radishes, carrots and onions, and to Ms. Blake for labelling each box so that we knew where each item is growing!


Thank you!

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported our last Cash for Clobber clothes collection - because of everyones huge effort filling the bags with recycled clothes we have been able to buy an Ipad mini (with a shock proof case!) for our infant classroom! We hope to run another clothes collection for an ipad for the middle room before the summer holidays!



Thank you to Mr. Walsh who planted potatoes with the junior and senior infants in the school garden this morning!


Cash for Clobber

75 bags were collected for the cash for clobber scheme - we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped!


Green school day of action

Burncourt is a sea of green today!
Well done to all the children for making such a fantastic effort to dress in green for our day of action. We had a 'bin free day' and we held our fashion show 'More Swag than a plastic bag' after little break. There were some brilliant costumes - well done to everyone!
We then held a green school quiz with each classroom, where lots of prizes were given out!


Green school day of action

As part of our Green schools day application we will be holding a day of action on February 6th. Everyone is asked to dress in green and we will have a bin free day to raise awareness of the amount of rubbish we generate. We will also have a fashion show where any child that wants to design an outfit from recycled materials can model their creations!


Cash for clobber

We are running the cash for clobber scheme again this term!
If you would like to take part bags are available from the school and will be collected on 24th February 2015.


Green schools

Our green schools team carried out quizzes in each classroom today about what we can and cannot recycle!
A big thank you to Mrs. Dowling for providing us with lots of green school prizes from the county council!


Cash for Clobber

Many thanks to everyone who filled bags for the Cash for Clobber. Our cloakroom is almost full with bags waiting to be collected!


Green school visit

On Wednesday we had a visit from the County Council to talk to us about our Green Flag. She gave us lots of information about recycling and getting ready for our Green Schools application in 2016!


Green schools update

The litter teams are continuing to pick up rubbish at the end of lunchtime. 
We will be using a litter traffic meter to measure how much rubbish is collected. Red for 15+ pieces of litter, yellow for ten+ pieces and green for 5 or less pieces.  We are gradually reducing the amount of rubbish we are collecting!

Litter teams

Our litter rota has been drawn up and each week a different group of pupils will be in charge of checking to make sure that our school is litter free!

September 2014

Cash for clobber

Many thanks to all those who have return bags full of recycled clothes for our cash for clobber scheme. They will be collected on October 21st! Many parents have requested more bags - they should be sent out to us in the next few days but other types of bags may also be used!

Our Green school committee has been decided! The first meeting will be held before the end of the month. For more information about the Green flag check our Green schools noticeboard in the hall!


Many thanks to Mr. Walsh who spent Wednesday working in the garden. 
The first class to sixth class took it in turns to visit the garden and there was great excitement about the carrots, potatoes and other vegetables which had grown!

Next week we will be forming our green school committee. The committee will be made up of one representative from each class level. Our first green flag which we will be working towards for the next two years will be for recycling

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